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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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This is a clever paradox. I figured many people would tackle Adam and Eve this week but you did it in a fresh POV and it was a delight to read. I think the judging criterion of creativity will do well with this poem.

I do wonder if it was a tad off topic. I know near the end you brought the topic in more, but what you want to try to do is have the reader be able to guess the topic if she didn't know what it was. You weren't totally off base but in my opinion, out of all the criteria the judges use, I think it will score lower on topic than say the beginning or the message.

You did have a great start and I was instantly intrigued and eager to see where this piece was headed. The message is a timeless one--Jesus has saved us, if we ask him into our hearts. How awesome is that? :)
Very clever contrasting couplets, though a few minor typos tampered with the thought-flow. You took some time to build up to the topic, but it came through strongly at the close.
Perhaps if you started with your ending paradox the title would have fit perfectly and the message flow... but then that's my point of view. Well done.
I loved your contrasts here...God bless and keep honing your writing skills...