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This is a great tale. You had a wonderful hook and the descriptions of Flying Jack had me grinning. Though he ended up more like a little brother, I can't help but wonder if the red-headed tormentor was practicing his flirting with you. You were on topic and your message of God's love flowing through the MC was quite profound. :)
Delightful story. Irritation may be a mild description to feelings the instructor held in check. Could be he did have a bit of infatuation to you who confronted him...

Wing His Words!
Happy Dance! Welcome to Masters!
Congrats Dannie! Nicely done...God bless~
Is there a Master's Ceremony? So nice to celebrate with you on this Thanksgiving Day!

Wing His Words!
From the title all the way through your mesmerizing story you held me captive. Then came the convicting crescendo 'love him' ah how did you know how unloving I have been lately...
Congratulations, Dannie. Well done and looking forward to more of your works. Is this a move up to Masters now?
He reminds me of one of the students in one of the classes I interpreted. Too funny, and cool how God changed your perspective. Fun story!
Thanks for the wonderful story on love. It was well written. Congratulations on making it to Level 4!