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Wow, your article hits us right between the eyes, making us ask ourselves what we would do if in that congregation. Was this young man a terrorist, planted there to kill Americans? Or, was he a Christian young man who has lived for Christ under serious persecution for the faith in Iran, studying here to return home a more effective witness for the Lord? And, does it matter which he is, since God has commanded us to love him? Yup, this is a good test of our own hearts. Thanks for a nice job of writing...the picture is clearly painted.
Interesting portrayal of an uptown congregation. Religion or relationship? Some heavy thinking ahead......good job
Great job. It didn't go where I thought it would go, so I was surprised. It should make every reader think and have to search her soul. Well done.
Your descriptive writing drew me in. I sat in the pew and followed the progression of the church bulletin.

The punch of your message at the end caused me to pause and think. It reminded me of when I read Charles Sheldon's book, "In His Steps". The challenge is the same... be like Jesus. Thanks for writing.
Yippee! Yahoo-oo! Welcome to Masters...and this time it is real! Congrats on your second place and your E.C.; I'm so excited, I can hardly sit still. Give yourself something chocolate today; I may just do the same in your honor!
Congrats! God bless~
Great point made here and great writing, Pam! Congratulations on your EC and move to Level 4!
OH Sister Pam.... this is a HOOT!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it!! Good for you! You "hit the nail on the head" and struck a sour note for religion!! hee hee!!
Welcome to Masters. Pam. It's nice to see this piece as being a part of the many you've written that solidifies your writing skills. Congratulations on your EC. Well deserved and "sounding the brass" for your achievement.
Interesting and challenging angle on the topic. Your surprise ending was perfect! Congratulations on your well deserved move into the Masters category.
A thought provoking piece indeed! This is a well deserved win! Congrats!
Congratulations on your win and your advancement into Masters! You deserve it. Good job!