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J'adore this, totally and completely. Wow! What super work. I could hear "His soft 'Chérie', his 'Chocolat." The poor woman didn't stand a chance, and yet the ending brought him to his senses. You put me into their story and I'm enjoying the silky smooth accent. Très bien!
Ooh la la...A memorable entry for sure. Nicely done, told and right on topic.

God bless~
Bull's Eye. Nice shot at the target. Good cadence and repitition of the key thought. Tragic mistake of so many who fall for the charm.
Your poem is so well crafted. Just beautiful. God bless.
Enthralling. This is beyond beautiful. Need I say I love it?
I haven't read a real fanciful love poem like this in a while. I loved the whole thing. I was so hoping they were going to be that perfect match. Your MC was right, was a scoundrel! Thanks so much for writing this delightful peace. Blessings...