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Member Comments
What a delightful poem. Flows so easy with a great message.
Absolutely beautiful--rhyme, rhythm, meter all perfect, and the message so edifying. Thanks for this excellent poem!
Beautiful! I loved this! Thanks for sharing!
So well written with a great message. It's obvious you worked hard on this one. Very nice.
Yes, very beautiful. And thought-provoking as well. Excellent job!
Well, this is what I get for being tardy in my reading - everybody's already said what I wanted to say! But they are right - your poem is SO beautiful!!!
Oh Wow favorite is the first stanza, and then it just flows through the Spirit and sweeps you away! Wow!
When I read a piece like this it makes me envious that I can't write poetry! LOL. A beautiful piece, well written and inspiring.
Okay, okay I usually skip the poetry if it doesn't grab me in the first stanza but this one I loved!
This is just magnificent! All of it but I especially loved the verse, "A pastor prays to find the way to reach lost souls. Frustration builds and chokes the joy this one should know.
The Holy Spirit sings into the pastorís tears
reminding that the reaper is our God Who hears."

Are you sure you didn't peek at my journal? Not that I'm a pastor.

Well done - this is very touching to many different readers. May God use it to do so.
Beautiful work, Linda. The heart of each character is peeled open and God's work is revealed. Excellent. Thanks. Yeggy