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Member Comments
Cute story. I enjoyed the point of view.
Oh, this is my kind of story. I loved this. Couldn't wait to see what the next pup was going to say next. Great dialogue and such a happy and warm-feeling ending! Great entry!
I enjoyed this so much! What a delightful read . . .
This was pretty good considering several animals doing dialogue is not something I am used to. I only got lost once. When Rucker gets his head stuck, I got temporarily confused because I knew he had a master but he was said to look like he was "starving." When I went back and re-read I saw that Pepper had been there with him and it was Pepper that gets brought into the home. You have a good imagination and it was kind of funny thinking of a dog as having an allergy. Thanks for sharing the different POV.
I also enjoyed the different dialects of the dogs!
Awww, so sweet. This could be a children's story! Made me smile.
dogs having a conversation? and such interesting dialogue! Great to read something so different and yet still with a great message. well done.
This is definetly out of the box. Dog dialogue and dog with allergies. What an imagination you have! You put it in print well.
CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you. Well deserved, my friend.
Congratulations for placing third in Advanced. Great job!
Congratulations on ranking 3 in your level and 14 overall!