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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Member Comments
Interesting word play. I can see the effort here.
Ha Ha Ha! I loved it! I never thought of personifying antibodies and white blood cells. . . and the geyser! Great writing!
Very clever indeed, and so very well written. I really enjoyed reading this.
Very fresh and unique. Most enjoyable.
Very unique take on the topic. Funny and excellent writing. Ver well done.
I enjoyed your cleaver story. Lots of fun, and such a unique perspective. Thank you.
This was a clever story indeed! Boy, this is pretty darn good if it is not your best. The dialogue had such good pacing, it was intriguing all the way through. The only thing I wasn't quite sure of was who the Ghosts were -- was that the Trinity gone in to help the poor sinus sufferer? I have suffered with sinus over the years -- give me a drippy nose anytime over not being able to get anything out. This was very well written. Blessings to you.
LOL funny ... very, very clever and well written! Congrats!
Congratulations on your EC!
No casualty here -- only victory, pure and clear... Congrats on your placing first in your level and on your EC win. Way to write! God's blessings to you.
Creative and fun. It was easy to picture the geyser blowing and taking casualties. I'm a 'let er rip' kind of sneezer. Take no prisoners is my motto.
Well done and congratulations!
So imaginative! Congratulations!
Very creative. I was right there with your characters in the slippery war zone. Did I say, "yuck". Creative way to write the topic. Well deserved win. Congrats on your 1st place in your level and your 2nd place editors choice award. Keep writing.
Congrats on such an imaginative, well done story!