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Member Comments
Wow. From the eyes of the executioner. Thoughtful take on the topic. This caused me to pause. Great work.
I felt the intensity of how Jesus hung there on the cross. I could just imagine the pain He suffered as I continued to read on and with each drop of His blood as it dripped down His elbow was so,visualized. Breath taking story on how His cleansing blood can soften even the sound of a drip. Great job.
This took my breath away. What a unique and heart rending take on the topic. I felt the man's emotions, you described his character so well. VERY well done.
An amazing perspective for a powerful story. I have always wondered what was going on in the mind of that soldier.
This was painful to read, but excellent in every way. Definitely on topic, and thoughtfully written.
Absolutely stunning in its tribute to the power of the blood.
I feel a bit shell shocked absorbing this piece. Quite in awe of your perspective.
Well deserved First place. Congratulations!
If ever there was a perfect ending, this was one! Lots of detailed narrative produced a wonderful account of the crucifixion.

The hard hitting impact of a drop of blood that saved the world---What a powerful, well told story. Congradulations
Outstanding! Chills all through my body. Hope this is published for the world to see.
Congratulations! What a beautiful way to tell the story of salvation. This was so powerful. Your ending was just perfect. I want to read it again.
I knew this one was a winner. Congrats on your 1st place EC and your 1st place level win. Great job!
Bravo again! Your story is a masterpiece and I'm thrilled you took the first EC.
Congratulation Allen on this excellent entry. God bless!
Masterly storytelling. You captured the tone of a hardened Roman executioner really well, and the power of the blood of Jesus falling on him was such a beautifully creative ending. Congratulations.
This sent a shiver down my neck. Well done and thank you.
Beautiful--and powerful!!! Thank you so much.
With this beautiful rendering of the crucifixion, I also felt that last drop land on me. Thanks to our wonderful Savior.
You had my full attention all the way through this. Great writing, I will remember and ponder. Congratulations!!!
Heart- stopping rendition of the most profound death scene.

This was a beautifully written piece. I couldn't wait to see what the outcome was. It was interesting to see the event that changed so many lives through the eyes of a roman soldier. A man used to brutality, he saw the beauty of Saviour's love for him and the world. I love the end where the drop of blood falls on him. Yes, our Lord shed His precious blood for everyone, including those who wanted Him dead and those who nailed Him to the cross. Congratulations for a well deserved win.
This was so good. You are an amazing writer. I loved it and the end made me tear up.