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Wow - this was a different and interesting approach to the topic at hand.

God bless~
Fricasseed cockatiel. Yummy. Days like that you like to see in the rear view mirror. That was a nice take on the topic and a fun read.
You made me feel your frustration. Most enjoyable read . . .
Hilarious! I think we can all relate to such days and laugh about them. Thanks
Nice take on the topic. I've had days like that, and they aren't fun in the moment, but do give some funny memories later.
Oh, this is great. I love the bird's respond to being fed to the cat. :)
The frustration presented in your story is shown very well. I love the origin of the "ding-dong."
A most original way of bringing up the topic...having Petey mimic a door bell...priceless. I really enjoyed this excellent story. Made me smile, I'm still smiling. Thank You!
I enjoyed this comedy on Murphy's Law. You had me smiling several times throughout. Try to do more showing than telling. One way to do that is to avoid passive words like was. For example this: My dearest was rather miffed that I was late.
could be shown like this: Miffed, my dearest met me at the door with her arms crossed and foot tapping. I enjoyed the ending. I really didn't expect it to be a bird. You have a delightful sense of humor.
Congratulations! Happy Dance!!!
Congrats Sheldon!

God Bless~
Congratulations for ranking 2 in your level and 14 overall! Another Happy Dance for you!