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Member Comments
I am honored to be the first to comment on this powerfully jarring poem.

The pain and anguish was palpable in every word of this deeply penetrating well written poem.

I'm so sorry for your son's situation.

I believe that God will eventually lift your son from this heap of despair, bringing him "beauty for his ashes." I know he doesn't see it now, but God will bring something good from this sorrow...he always does.

This poem will touch many hearts with its powerful words and sobering message.
Completely moving!

I will keep all of you in prayer.

God bless~
I don't comment on poems because I'm not very good with poetry; however, your entry is so
touching I had to say something.

Been where you are. It ain't fun. God will bring peace and healing beyond your wildest imagination. Amen.

Thanks for sharing.
Your emotions are almost palpable in this heartbreaking poem.

Be mindful of the difference between 'warily' (which means watchfully, cautiously) and 'wearily' (which means tiredly). I think you wanted the latter.

You have a good sense of rhyme and meter, and I'd encourage you to experiment with poem formats that go beyond quatrains with an aabb rhyme scheme. Your talents are ready to stretch!
You have expressed so much heartache in this work, and we'll take up your family in our prayers. God bless you all in his grace while you await the shape of his blessing in spite of the pain.
Thank you for sharing your broken heart with us in your touching poem. I agree with the others that God will comfort you and see you all through this difficult time.
I really enjoyed this. I like simpler patterns in poetry and you wrote this one with excellence.

Thank you for sharing.
This poem is so moving. It was written straight from the heart and will touch many people who are experiencing, or have in the past, the pain of divorce. I pray for peace for you and your son and all involved.
Yep, sums up how I felt when I went through mine.
This is an extremely moving poem as well as being well-written. May God be a great comfort to your son and in this situation.
I hope your son and grandchildren get some degree of comfort from your haunting poem, knowing that you are in touch with where they are at.
Beautifully crafted as usual Lynn, even amidst the pain.
Congratulations Lynn!
I knew it'd be a winner!

God bless~
Oh wow! This is so intense and powerful! Until I got to the divorce line I thought you had been peeking into my heart. Your words fit the agony I've lived with and my children had to grow up faster because they had a sick mom. I also stopped and prayed for you, your son, and your daughter-in-law. It's so hard as a mother to see the pain in our babies and feel helpless. God has the ability though to turn a painful situation into something that glorifies his name. Congratulations on your win. I'm doing my Happy Dance because this is a sad situation, but will touch so many people and the writing is exquisite and deserves a Happy Dance (and another prayer :))

Wing His Words
Congratulations Lynn. I thought this moving poem would be a winner with the judges. Hope all is well with you all.
Even while you live through the anguish of the topic, you are keeping your heart open to God and to us. And as you explore God's comfort he will equip you to bring his comfort to others (2 Cor 1: 3-5) further down the track. This win is a testimony to his grace in your family's pain.
God bless.
Congratulations! This is wonderful, terrible, and true. I myself have been married many years, but both out children have been here, and the pain is this great. This is a great description and so well written.
Unfortunately I think we've been desensitized to the word 'divorce'. It has become so commonplace anymore that the word, and the pain that it causes, are 'divorced' from each other. In your poem, divorce becomes more than just a word. I'm sorry your son's family (and you) are going through this.
Praying for everyone involved.
Congratulations for ranking 2nd in your level and 15th overall!! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.)Happy Dance!