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Member Comments
How restful, how sincere, how comforting. I loved your poem.
Your poem has a nice flow, it is easy to read and has a burden lifting message.

Thanks for sharing.
Oh so very beautiful. So powerful in its message, and so soothing to the soul.

I'm going to print it out and put it on my fridge! Loved it.

God bless~

"Laying a shattered heart on the line
for Him to take and redesign"

I love that! Your emotions are raw and true. Thank you for sharing this piece.
This is beautiful. It is appropriate for the close of each weary day! Good writing.
I enjoyed your poem, thanks for sharing it.
This is a lovely and moving poem which expresses a personal handing-over to the Lord very well. Great work!
Loved the line 'Exchanging bitter taste resentment
for a flavor so transcendent.'

Loved the entire poem but did you mean to say 'darkly sin?'

It seemed odd on my tongue.
Wow this is so powerful and filled with raw emotion that is redeemed by Jesus' love for us. Very intense and beautiful. Congratulations for ranking 27 overall! Happy Dance!