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Member Comments
What a beautiful picture you have painted of Eden before the Fall. The images brought to life all that God created for man before he made that disobedient choice.
Wow! Beauty personified! Your pen is a paintbrush of color, light and pictures in motion - just beautiful.
A beautiful read of a talented writer's offering.
Beautiful, just marvelous! Clapping hands here!
Loved the way you used "In beauty Eden lay" for the beginning of every stanza except one. And the last stanza - ouch! Beautiful and powerful. Well done.
Yes, that last stanza's got punch! Great job on this!!!
Beautiful. Then sobering at the end. What a great reminder to us of what we are missing out on when we make bad choices.
Beautiful expression of what might have been! And a foreshadowing of what is now. Sigh. Excellent work. yeggy