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I loved the "Miss Positive Perky Pants!" Well - really - I loved them all because of how you wrote this. The reader can't help it! And I loved the idea - I hope someone will read this who can have some influence to start this with their own group! An absolutely lovely story told very lovingly. Loved it!
What a pleasant surprise! Instead of the celebration of vanity, you exalt true beauty. Great way to make the Scripture come alive.
What a delightful story! I could picture them all and hear their sweet voices. You did a great job on this!
I absolutely love this. So creative and so well written. Made me smile.
You gave some great visuals here with the feeble attempts at make up and walkers. A fun read.
What an endearing read! So charming and so worthy of being duplicated in real life!
So cute! You did a great job in telling this story of true beauty, and yes, I too loved each one of them. Great writing!
Excellent! I could picture those wonderful ladies perfectly.
Very creative and fun to read. I could picture the scene--especially the primping beforehand. Too cute!
The development from "the girls" (first paragraph) to "the women...with worn out bodies" at the end was artfully done! I could picture these "beauties," and was grateful for their example, recognition, and praise. :-)
What a wonderful twist on a beauty pageant. I liked this story very much. Is is what is inside that matters:)
What a beautiful surprisse! At first I thought it was a parent watching his/her daughters amusingly. You have really done this like a true artist.
Great job. I could picture my grandma as one of the contestants. Very creative and well written.
Beautiful. You summed it up.
A winner this week, for sure. :D
I love the way you wrote it. That sense of humour shining through. Well done!
Wondered where you were going with this... and loved where you took me. A delightful story.
This was wonderful! You wrote in in such an upbeat inspiring way:)