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This is such an important lesson. I wish you would bring us into the scene with you. Let us see and feel your struggles, your healing.
On the surface I could feel her struggle from beginning to end - like she was letting us in 'just enough.' I too would like feel 'behind' the words. It's such an important message for us all, and you portrayed that well.
Great message from one who has been there. In one way or another, the struggle to forgive is something I think we can all relate to. This article is such an encouragement.
This is good clear writing. You will know when you have finally broken through when you can pray that he be blessed too.
You've tackled a deep and challenging issue here. No fluff in this topic for sure! Yes, I'd use 'red' ink to write this one. Don't hesitate to bleed on paper. Show it.
Great entry! I, too, would have liked a bit more intimacy with the character, but understand that a person truly dealing with this might very well hold her audience at bay. When you let go of hurts, you are the one who is truly set free! Amen! Thanks for writing this!
You touched on a tough subject with honesty and realism. It's hard to forgive the small things, let alone a major life-altering tragedy like abuse. What I took away from this piece was a gentle yet bold message of HOPE. Nicely done.
Blessings, Lynda
A powerful reminder that we need to let go of all the past hurts -large or small -in order to heal. Well done!
wow! you could write a whole book on forgiveness, but this is a good start!
Wow, thank you for sharing this intimate and sensitive experience. Praise God for His healing! Well and honestly written.
Excellent lesson. Forgiveness is always the key to freedom and it does take forgiving repeatedly in cases like this. Bless you. Your sharing may have helped someone else.
Sincere and sensitive...very deep and yet well communicated. The issue of forgiveness is a common one; this story will speak to many who also harbor pain. I also liked your title!!
In your second to last paragraph, you write: "A brief word from that still, small Voice sends me to my knees so I can once again commit myself to forgiveness." For some reason, as I read that, I thought that that still small Voice has given you a strong voice in this story. "The Ugly Truth" has transformed into something beautiful.
An ugly tale that is unfortunately all too common in today's world. As you have realised, such a painful wound will not go away until forgiveness is allowed to do its healing work. I'm thankful that you had the courage to share this as I'm sure this is just another step toward healing and wholeness.
A painful piece that was well-written and honest. God Bless.
Your writing shows that, despite how you may feel, God is doing a beautiful work in beautiful you. Yeggy