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Interesting take on the topic, and a great contrast for us to examine. Thanks for sharing!
Really good job with this piece! Nicely done.

God bless~
I enjoyed your take on this topic and the recounting of Zacchaeus' story. Maybe you could have just hinted at some of the conclusions and comparisons so the reader could find them for him/herself rather than you spelling them out for them. But the messages are good.
Jesus would never pass by that way again. Zach, as you called him, didn't miss his opportunity. Thanks for reminding us of our need of a Savior.
I think you did a nice job of retelling this story. You really pulled me in. I did stumble over the first line. At first I thought the MC's name was One. Just a simple restructuring of the sentence would fix that. After I got past the opener, I settled in easily and enjoyed the story. You brought a bit of freshness that made it come alive. Nice job.