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Member Comments
A touching story with a good message and happy ending.

Well done. Thanks for sharing.
LOVED this story! It had depth, emotion and drama...with a beautiful ending.

I felt the struggle, and the inner turmoil of the MC. Plus, her internal dialogue was spot on. Great job!

God bless~
nice job. I really enjoyed the character -- she may have had it wrong, but it sure worked out for her.
Loved this! I'm soppy for a man! I love a love story and a happy ending, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Aw, what a sweet love story with just enough drama to keep us interested, and with a happy ending to boot. A different take on the topic too. Good job.
Tissues please ... lovely ... feeling trapped and reading other's lives wrongly ... sometimes they feel just as trapped although we perceive them as free.
Sometimes it takes a near tragedy to get us to communicate to God and to others.

Very well written story! Blessings!