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You have eloquently and masterfully presented your argument. I love this, "Itís been settled for me. God said itóI believe it. What an assuring place to be!" Thank you!
Very true and nicely written.

Genesis 1 is sometimes "modified" because of unbelief just as Peter using the keys of the kingdom in Acts 2. This story in Acts relates that when the people listening believed that Jesus was both Lord and Christ they were to repent and be baptized for the remission of their sin and they would be given the gift of the Holy Spirit. This is what made them a Christian.

People who do not believe Acts 2 modify the scriptures to fit what they want to believe.

Are they saved?
Amen and Amen. God's word for me has always been and always will be THE TRUTH, no matter what man tries to say to refute it, I'm with our King all the way!

Thanks for sharing and for your well written entry. Excellent work.

God bless~