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I really enjoyed reading your story. I too find that as I get older, it is easier to accept the things that may not ever change. I developed somewhat of a vocal impediment and have learned to live with it. Maybe someday the Lord will take it away, but I won't work myself into a malcontent in the meantime, waiting. The Lord has so much better things for us to do with our time, than mope about our "thorns"! Keep writing.
This truly spoke to me. I carry eighty pounds of extra adipose tissue. One day I just looked at a photograph of me - and decided, "hey - she looks like a friendly sort, she'd make a good loyal friend" - and so she has . . .

Please "throw a brick" for others to enjoy, comment and support your writing:

Hebrews 10:26-31 KJV
This is a wonderful testimony. There are many girls who struggle with body image. Fitting in is so important to a young girl. The scars can last a lifetime as you so aptly pointed out. The great thing is God can use those situations to bring glory to his name if we allow it. I have no doubt that your words will touch the hearts of many. It may have been a tiny bit weak on topic, but sometimes it's more important to write what God is putting on your heart. And I do see the topic touched upon. I can feel the MC's discomfort as I read. It also made me reflect on my on body image and how it has affected my life. An article that makes the reader think is always a good thing.