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This makes me wish I was in the room witnessing this event. I truly thought the "elephant" must have been the speaker himself. Very cute and unexpected. :)
You made me smile all over my face. . .

Please "throw a brick" for others to enjoy, comment and support your writing:

Hebrews 10:26-31 KJV
Beautiful writing!!! This story made me feel -- everything from sympathy to hilarity.

No, the ice and snow in Indiana didn't freeze your brain. It's a great story. I hope you win a high place for this one. Thank you for the comic relief.
You have a wonderful sense of humor. You did a nice job of painting a picture for the reader. I could feel the stares, hear the giggles, and picture the rat.

The only red ink I have is you used the word elephant a lot. It didn't feel natural in the dialog. Instead I could envision the MC saying something like :"Okay, I feel like I'm missing something. Would someone please let me in on the joke? " I put my hands on my hips and exaggerated the tapping of my foot as I stared at the crowd.
Though not perfect, I hope it shows you what I mean. Maybe I'm wrong, but based on where she was giving the speech, I suspect there might have been guests who might not have English as their first language, which would make it difficult to understand the adage.

I know that's a tiny detail and it might feel like I am nitpicking, but only because I see the natural talent you have and little details like that could turn a great story into an outstanding one. You did cover the topic while building suspense for the reader. I also liked how you highlighted something that is important to you with the MC's speech. You conveyed a great message while telling an interesting and funny story.
This is a fantastic and masterfully crafted story (almost seemed like a true account at times). I enjoyed the suspense you built for the reader, and then being "let in on the joke" was a delight. Great work!