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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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No other way to say it but...excellent! Great poem, with a powerful close.

God bless~
I enjoyed the many unusual rhymes such as "matters" and "ladders"; and "puppies" and "yuppies".
I also say excellent! Your poem is a different take on the topic. You write from the heart, warts and all and that's something I find so engaging. The way you ended it was perfect too. Great job.
Your poetic structure is quite fascinating and you have a great sense of meter. Your message shines through in this. Nice work!
No, you haven't jumped to Advanced too soon. I thought you belonged here and beyond for some time now.

As for your beautiful poem. Oh my goodness! You read my thoughts today. My thoughts run this way more and more these days.

Just excellent. Just excellent writing, dear.
I love the message and the rhythm of this beautiful heart conversation with God, written from soul-depths. Just lovely. Thankyou.
Wonderful poem. I enjoyed it very much. Good job!
You're right where you need to be.
Beautifully crafted piece of work.