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Member Comments
I love the presentation and the message. This speaks softly yet loudly to my soul. Beautifully worded that shouts of your love for our Savior. Lovely, just lovely.
Inspiring material, and I loved that repeated "Without Him I'll die; to Him I will cry."
well done.
"Amaranthine, deathless, everlasting His grace,
immeasurable,..." Wow, that's literature!

What can I say? A class work that is filled with passionate intensity!

You are indeed a poet!
Those first two lines take your breath away.

"Bursting frail bounds of mere mortal life . . ." Brilliant.
I loved every word and can imagine this being sung. Beautiful.
A wonderful tribute to the endless love and grace of God, and our everlasting dependence on him. Lovely inspiring free verse. Thanks.
Whenever I have to look up a word I am pleased :) "Amaranth" One of those I'd learned and forgotten. I enjoyed your entry. Nice job.
Congratulations on ranking 6th in your level!