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The thing I love most about this, and all your work, is your honesty. You tell it like it is, or was, and it makes for compelling reading. Another thing is the words you use, and the way you use them to form such vivid mental pictures. There's nothing dull about your life, that's for sure. I can see where the topic lies, though it's not obvious and could easily be missed. Still, I enjoyed reading a little bit more about you. Great stuff!
Incredible writing in every good way. I recognized the use of the topic.

Thanks for sharing.
I married an abused child-man, thinking my love would be enough. It wasn't. I understood this story completely. Terrific job and great writing here, as always.
Compelling and wrought with honestly. I wish I didn't identify with it as much as I do.
You've told a very moving, and I think true, tale about a part of your life. Thanks for sharing it and telling it so well.
I love your writing; it's so vivid, deep and meaningful. You are an artist with the pen.
The sentence "I confidently, nay smugly assuming I was so good at helping others find God’s way, torpedoed, overshot from His straight path" is very powerful. In a totally different situation, I also have confidently and smugly assumed I could help someone only to find I could not! I'm glad I read your story.
What a captivating read and I am so glad the story turned from a tragedy to a love story. Your wise husband Mike, has it right—a short time of misery should never overshadow years of happiness and true love. Great read!