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I adore stories about grandchildren, but twins are double the fun and over double the fatigue.

This story is well written and cute as it can be. Well done.

*smile* What's not to love about twin bookends? I loved the childish dialogue.
A sweet well written story.I reminds me of my wife and her doting over the grandkids, and giving the premium position, to their creations, in our Christmas decor.
Very nice story about twin grandchildren. No one ever gets tired hearing about children.

I would suggest a title that would catch the attention of your readers. Also might be good to sum it up with a moral like, don't plan a long day with a 4 year old.

Blessings, LaVonne
Very sweet. My oldest is only 20 months and I'm already looking forward to these times.
Oh, what an adorable story. That must have been perplexing for the both of you. A question? Have they gotten old enough yet to where you now recognize which is which? LOL! This story really tickled me and it is very well-written. Thanks for sharing.

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