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A thought-provoking devotional. I don't think you had any reason to fear throwing a brick. I especially liked this line "Fear the fall, and the sudden stop will not be so final."
You use creative wording from equal opportunity destroyer to the rope we are issued with our umbilical cord. Easy to relate with your descriptions.

The first two sentences did not seem to add justice to your story - at least in how it came across to me. I didn't see a connection to the topic Dead End. Not sure what I missed.

Beyond the first two paragraphs, it was an intriguing read.
Beautifully written and beautifull delivered.

God bless~
Perfect examples in your devotional of numerous dead ends. However your title perplexed me a bit but then I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.
You use words creatively and you make some interesting observations in this entry.

Overall, this is well written. Thanks for sharing.