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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Member Comments
I am over the moon with the fact you told this story with such a lighthearted hand. Well done. You did a wonderful job keeping humor and your "wits" about you in this.
This was absolutely brilliant and so on topic!

A masterful job with describing your days with humor, and with honesty, a perfect blend to infuse the harsh reality in which you're currently living.

So well done...Great job, I pray this scores well with the judges.

God bless~
I think I like this so much because I can identify with it so well.

You captured the feelings, emotions and humor of the situation very clearly.

Excellent article. One of my favs so far. Thanks for sharing.
Awesome job and fit the topic perfectly! Good luck, I think you got a winner!
Congratulations on ranking 11th in your level and 35 overall!