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This is a great story for the topic. I love to use this story and the one of Phillip and the eunuch to show how God puts His servants in our paths, if our hearts are desiring to understand truth. Paul was led to this jailor for his salvation, as was Phillip to the eunuch for his.
I truly enjoyed this well written, well documented writing. I hope it does well in the judging.
Fabulous work and equally fabulous message!

Excellent job with this!

God bless~
This is a very creative recounting of one of my favorit
e stories in Sunday School.

The story flowed well until I was interrupted by dialogue from the jailer's wife. Consider a better transition/introduction to that paragraph. I also wasn't certain as to which characters in the story received the "short end," except perhaps the Rulers and the crowd. If so, I think that should have more visibility/emphasis in the story.

I like reading stories where I learn new words like "scabbard." :-) likelike "scabbard
Please pardon my computer. It never does what I tell it to repeating words..:-)
Interesting POV from the jailer in one the the best known or should I say -happily ending-of Paul's imprisonments.

One thing I noticed and I'm not sure if it was intentional, but you mentioned 'Just then a guard came to tell me that the new prisoners were singing praises to their god'-
Should that be their God- upper case G?
Good retelling of the story. Always difficult to keep the reader's attention when they think they know the ending. So I liked the way that you slipped in the clues as you went along.