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Member Comments
After reading several back-to-back "ho hum" stories...I found "And So It Is" a welcome relief! Very enjoyable-and loved the rhthmic finish!
Ok - so this is good - so what? :) (loved the 'I am women' part! - hey I think I loved the whole thing!) :)
How often are we guilty of thinking someone else should do something? How dare they inconvenience us! A delightful piece that had a good moral. Well done.
Enjoyable reading. I admire the fact that she accomplished a task, instead of taking the easy way out--like many often do. Good moral fiber to the story. God bless ya, littlelight
That little poem is pure gold. Perfection!
I really liked the storyline in this, but one thing that stood out to me was the amount of sentences beginning with 'She' or 'Rita'. When I first started at FW, I got the advice to switch it up a little for interest because I did the same thing. I feel like the 'She' police ever since, because now it stands out to me so much. lol

Overall though, this was a cute story and I can relate to her wishing he had done the 'man' work. Sounds just like my sister. She has actually said, "I wish a man was here. Ever notice how something could be hard for you and a guy can do it, just like that?" Maybe I should have her read the ending of this so she could learn something about being a woman! hehehe Good job Anita!
lovely story, very enjoyable read.
God bless and thanks for advice and comments on my piece "Our Love Will Grow"
Can really identify with your character and you've seen inside her heart so well. Great sense of place. Enjoyed the read. Yeggy