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A most unusual piece, creative and extensive.

Nice job.

God bless~
Very unique and refreshing. I am a big fan of Tom Sawyer. Thanks for all the information. Good Job.
You've packed in a lot of detail here, and I'm keen to know where your research takes you. Please keep us posted.
I like your unique take on the topic. I find myself wondering similar things, so can totally appreciate it. For me the links were a bit distracting, especially because we can't click on them but would have to copy and paste. You might want to consider actually telling his story in a fictional POV. I think it would be a riveting story. For Example you might do something like this. Philip said his lines then ran off the stage eager to play with his fellow cast mates. His shoulders slumped when he saw the mother of his friend corral him with her arms. It was like she believed his blackness would rub off on her precious white son.

I understand that might not be a style you're comfortable with, but would urge you to try it and put the links in an author's note. You really made me stop and think. There is no doubt that many African-American actors (and other professions as well) totally got the short end of the stick. It's vital you keep writing these kinds of stories lest we forget. Keep writing what God places on your heart and know that today you touched my heart with your words.
Judi, if this were cleaned up, this would make a very interesting magazine article. I love this kind of historical story.

If you could write it more in the form of a story and as Shann said, place the site links at the end as foot notes or author's notes this would make a wonderful article.

Thanks for sharing Philip's story with us. Because of you, I won't forget him.