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Thank you for sharing your incredible journey in life. Your story is one in which many will relate, and it is during adversity in which we grow the most.

Excellent job.

God bless you abundantly~
You have definitely had quite a journey - with much wisdom learned. You brought it across very clearly in this piece.

I think I might have connected a bit better if you had given a few more details on exactly what you went through. This felt a bit generic, if you will.

Enjoyed this piece very much. Thanks so much for sharing it, and your life, with us!
Wow! I felt like you could have been inside my brain on this one. This was inspired and inspiring. You managed to touch on all the things I've dealt with in my past. Depression, grief, pain, and wait till you're ready My precious child--wait! Spot on and One of my favorites.
This is a very good piece. It is well written and teaches a great lesson.

Did you mean to say "carrying father" or caring father? No biggie.

I enjoyed this very much.