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Member Comments
That last line needs to be on a t-shirt!! Positively brilliant.

My hair and clothing choices are a tad left of center as it is, and now I want to start putting sparkles on my hair and face.

I attended a small Bible college and, goodness, did tribulation arguments get heated.

I loved this. I really try to offer red ink for those asking for it, but I just can't do it this time. I enjoyed this too much.
LOVED the last line!

GOd bless~
As usual, I enjoyed your writing so much. Wish I could use words like that, but I am from the south and am still trying not to use the word "aint". lol

I loved this. Perfectly written and expressed. Very good writing here.

I'm not good with red ink. I just know what is good.
Your requirement to focus on Him is perfect, as is the last line.
Wow, take that last line and bling it all over the internet with some catchy art work giving glory to God! One great read here! Blessings!