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Lol...I couldn't figure it out...are you longing for the good ole' days or not? :)

Just kidding. But I did find this to be a sort of modern day Dr. Seuss type of logic stream. I thoroughly enjoyed it and each of your points. The image of getting a can of air to blow away crumbs and cat hair is so fun and real life - it just made me smile. Great job and so on topic.
Hahahaha! Masterfully done! I loved this entire piece and was sad when it was over! What a gem you put together my friend.

I could read more and more...come on write a book!

God bless~
I liked the sudden flashback/contrast to Lincoln
So VERY good, Judi! You did a superb job with the poetic devices you wove in (alliteration, rhyme, meter especially). This piece was a DELIGHT - fun, convicting, and a treasure.
Very clever and entertaining! I enjoyed this very much!