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You've taken a very different approach to this topic and have fitted a lot into this article. It's quite a 'dense' read as it has so much in it. I'm confused as to whether it's fiction (as it says at the end)or non-fiction (as you say on the forums) - I'm guessing the latter. You and your husband obviously have a lot to contend with and have found gossip to be hurtful. Thanks for sharing this with such descriptive language. It was moving to read it.
Very powerful piece, with extremely strong language and imagery. With, of course, truth that we ALL need to be reminded of.

Thanks for sharing!
Your commentary about gossip and its ilk has an authentic tone, so I'm assuming it's non-fiction...which doesn't surprise me, given gossip is alive and thriving in this world.

You give a raw account about how gossip can infiltrate minds, and crush hearts and destroy in the process.

Well done, and lovely closing prayer.

God bless~
I really enjoyed your 'rant'; and I do not mean that in a negative way. It was an excellent 'I'm getting this out of my system' beginning that served as an unusual hook; and it worked.

Not so much as red ink, but more of a thought, I do wonder about the self exposure revealing, so obviously, who the author is in a Challenge entry. You even use your name. Just a thought.

Your play on well know phrases always catches my eye: 'squeaks me off my feet' and 'fist shattering breaks to my heart' are just two great examples.

I also admire your vocabulary.

There are some great reminders here.

This may be just me, but the first few paragraphs seemed a bit too... complicated. It didn't seem to fit with the rest of it, and I got a bit lost.

The second part is great. Nice job. :)