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Member Comments
This is a fairy tale gone wrong!
Different approach. Fun read.
I love it. I really do.
Well done!
Funny, funny story! Great job!!!!
I really like your original approach... all the way down to 'and they lived happily ever after - apart' :). You captured the character of the princess well. Thanks for sharing
This was cute! It's nice to read a different style and take on the topic!
That was hilarious!!! Well done!!!
Loved the twist on one of my favorites!!! Well done (loved the accent!!!)
Loved this one, especially the accent. Did you know that a certain Anita has put a link up to this on the forums??
Absolutely delightful! Love Bob and his accent and the unlikely ending. Great job.
That was great. I loved it. Now I need to take a lesson from this and not be crabby in the morning, just in case my prince should appear by my bed one morning. ;)
eh...thot wuz some story ye rote there, bard! Still laughin' and slappin' me knee!
This is a perfect example of HOW TO capture the Reader's interest and carry them through to the end! The GOAL of every writer! Stupendous job with a Standing Ovation from an avid Reader and "wannabe" Writer! Kudos!
This was such a treat for me! As a former "Eliza Doolittle" and a current frequent watcher of one of my kids' favorite movies Mary Poppins, this had me grinning from beginning to end. Splendously done - I look forward to seeing who wrote this piece as the style seems VERY familiar. Great job!
Awesome! SO funny! LOL
Very funny :D Congrats on a job well done!
Unique, humourous - this is great. And now we finally know who wrote it.
This reminds me of a book called 'The Paper Bag Princess' where the fairy tale characters don't follow the traditional mold. Bob Charming's dialect was great; Princess Aurora was a snob until she needed him to help her. I agree with everyone else; this was humorous!
Touche' Jan! :) A great one!
Wonderful! So enjoyed this! Loved Bob's 'accent.' Great job!
How funny! A fractured fairy tale! Loved it!
Loved this, loved the clever way you subverted everything we expected this story to be. Well done! Yeggy
phantasmagorical....oh I loved it...very clever, witty, light, bright, so very well written characters clear as day, very visual...bravo!
If I was wearing one, my hat would be off to you....
A fairytale that's just like real life: shock horror! Very fun. Good job.
What a great read! I loved every bit of it. Very creative and so much fun!
How very creative! I enjoyed it.
Awesome, simply awesome!
I love your use of language with both main characters! Well done!!! This was brilliant.
Really cute comment on fairy tale and the vanity of a woman. I really enjoyed it.
Too funny! My oldest will have to read this so I will save it to my favorites and send her the link.
We loved it. Thanks for chapter 2 of a wonderful fairy tale!