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Wow - this multi-layered and intricate piece was creative, informing, and a pleasure to read.

WEll done.

God bless~
Wow , yes so informative! Very interesting read and a most beautiful, fun poem! I also,liked to include the pets as a best friend, how could we forget, :)
The last part of our Lord was lovely and I think it would have been a sweet ending and smooth flow if written in as a last stanza in the same meter as the other stanzas.
All in all I so enjoyed and so nicely written!
What a great devotion on what a true, godly friendship should look like.

Great job!
Wow, I feel like I just completed a course on friendship. Informative, with a few heart plucks strewn in. Good job on this one. It looks as if you put a lot of effort into it. Wonderful work.
Yep, Friendship 101 would have been a good title as well.

You've packed so much inside the word limit - amazing!
You are blessed beyond words to have so many 'besties' and good writing skills to boot.

I would have liked the passage about Jesus to have been worked into the poem too. Not that what you did was bad or poorly written, quite the opposite, I just feel it would have made a nice close to one section as it transitioned to the next.

But this really is an excellent devotional and is well worth meditating on.