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Very creative take on this weeks topic. Well done, I've enjoyed it from start to end.

God bless~
Creative take with some delightful character names. I'm not sure that you even needed the author's note.
This was a fun read on a very serious topic that we all can be guilty of...I know I've had my "pick and choose" moments.

I loved how you ended it. Great job!
Very creative! I knew this was you, getting used to some regular brick throwers styles( but I think you guessed my brick wrong- hehe)
Always an interesting read!
This is so creative!

Maybe it's just me, but I got a bit confused. With the moral of the story, was the leader of the island supposed to be a good or bad example of a devil? Seems a "bad" devil would keep them all, while a "good" one would toss them all.

Good job over all on this. And yes, I think we were all guilty of this at times. This is a good reminder.
This is a very convicting piece of writing and, as already mentioned several times, something I am guilty of from time to time.

I enjoyed your creative names for the little imps.

Many if not most people in general do this with many parts of both the Old Testament and New Testament.

Six day creation or millions of years, Noah's flood or local floods, believe and be saved or repent and be baptized to have sins forgiven. Give God his glory and live a holy life or take and misuse his grace and live in sin.

I have to ask God for forgiveness because of my sin.

I liked your intent and how you put it all together. I also liked the names of your characters.

Good writing.
Clever characterization and dialogue. Not at all imp-ulsive or imp-robable tone. great job.
This is a cute story that rings way to close to the truth many of us live by. You did a nice job of coming up with a fresh take yet still a powerful message. Congratulations on ranking 20th overall. Happy Dance!
God bless~