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Complete emotion-filled and hope-filled writing. You really give the reader pause to consider the consequences that actions have. Super work!
Powerful and provocative emotional profiling. Excellent work.
A very moving and thought provoking story of the anguish of guilt and then of forgiveness. A good application of the topic. Well done with this.
This is a lesson we could all stand to be reminded of from time to time. How often are lives broken and refuse to heal because of the lack of forgiveness.
Stunning and beautiful. The way she explained forgiveness. They way she set him and herself free.

Excellent writing here, just excellent.
Amazing writing.

Forgiveness. So hard, so needed, so powerful, so freeing.
Just beautiful! So moving and powerful when we hear these stories of forgiveness!
Poignant, and so real. This should be published!
There used to be a commercial here in the U.S. with a guy talking about this same scenario, hitting and killing two children, seeing them fly over his car, after he made the decision to drive intoxicated. That commercial was so powerful, it made me tear up every time. Your story took it to another level, with him coming face to face with the mother.

I have a friend who forgave the man who murdered his father. That forgiveness led him to begin a prison ministry that is still thriving almost 30 years later. There is real power in forgiveness, and your story very eloquently illustrates that power.

Great job!
Amazing job.

God bless~
A powerful story about a powerful gift -- forgiveness.

Congratulations JK!

I think you ought to start writing books you'd have many best sellers for sure!

If being on the winning list every week isn't indicative of a fruitful career in writing, I don't know what is!

Great always!

God Bless~
Powerfully told. Congratulations JK.
I didn't get a chane to read this the week of that challenge but I'm so hlad I did now. Poignant, clear and gutwrenchingly truthful. So well done!
Wonderfully written. Forgiveness - we all need of receiving it (as we are in need of extending it).