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Member Comments
This is a delightful story for such tragic circumstances. I liked the way you alternated the days and the nights. The final allusion to Heaven was excellent. Well done.
Thank you for sharing this touching memory and testimony of faith in action. Well done.
I'm assuming this is based on a true story because the emotions are so strong. I too like how you contrasted the good and the bad by using day and night. And that you came to realize God created both the day and night. Loved the hope you left us with at the end.
Your story is intense and I hated each time you mentioned the night. I have a close friend who recently lost her 17 year old son to the same decease. Heartbreaking.

Your contrast between day and night moved the story forward making it an easy read...a most interesting easy read.

I used some similar language in my article. See if you can find mine and let me know what you think.

Thanks for sharing.

This story caught me up from the beginning and swept me along to the end. Your contrasting was excellent, but it was your storytelling and your way with the language that kept me enthralled. You showed me what is was like to be there, and illustrated both the frustration and relief of each cycle between day and night.

Excellent job!
Amen! Powerfully executed and delivered, thank you for sharing the journals of your mind and heart with us.

I thank the Lord for healing your son, and allowing the other son to get through the ordeal as well.

This was an outstanding and truly spectacular way of presenting this weeks challenge! Oh yes!!! This poignant uplifting and super story will be a winner in my heart and everyone who reads it after me.

God bless you and your family~
Heart rending and heart warming. What a time you have had - and what joy your walk with our Lord! Thank you for sharing your heart . . .
A very powerful and wonderfully written testimony.

Well done and blessings.
You took the contrasting topic image and ran with it in this fabulous piece. Well done!
Wow what a powerful piece. I loved your descriptions. The ending was perfect and just the reminder I need right now. Congratulations on your well-deserved EC!
This is a most wonderful piece, thrilling to read. I love your connection with the seventh day of rest and the rest of Heaven to come. Many congrats on your well deserved EC
A very well deserved win. Congratulations!
Congrats on your well deserved EC JK!

God bless~
Congratulations on your level win!
Congratulations on your EC which is well deserved for this story of ups and downs, days and nights and eventually healing. A very moving and well told story.