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Member Comments
Wonderful . . .
Well done and well written!
Loved it.

God bless~
I love this - it is always so refreshing to hear a gospel presentation that takes into account the soul that is being dealt with, where they are at, how they perceive - being spirit filled enough to let the Spirit lead instead of a script - ahhh such delight. Thank you for sharing a wonderful story. My only suggestion would be to try and find a way to leave out the word 'had' when the sentence can be structured without it. Good job on this one!
This conversation seemed very real. I really like your title and how you wove it into the story. Good job!
Well written and relevant in many cases.

I could feel your words and that is what it is all about.

Great job.
I really liked this. It has an authenticity I found endearing. I expected it to be labeled non fiction.

You wrote "God creates His true salt in the furnace of affliction."

That was an inspired statement for sure!

Very well written slice of the MC's life.
Good story. I can sympathize with the man being told to quit eating salt. May as well tell you to quit eating!

As far as red ink - I've been trying to avoid the word 'was' and since I watch for it in my work, I noticed you used it several times.

I like your writing. The italicized prayer was (oops, there I used it too!) a good way to set it apart from the story.
Congratulations on your well-deserved ribbon. I truly enjoyed this piece. The crustiness of Dad really shined through and made him a likable and realistic character. Normally, I don't read ofther comments before I comment, but this time my eyes focused on the one about using the word had. I did notice in one spot you used three hads. Out of those three, two were definitely required because you were writing in the past tense and talking about an incident that was even further back in history than the time you were writing about. I noticed one other place near the end where you used had, and again in my opinion, it was correct. I know different rules, different countries, and even different people can all be right at thew same time. It can get confusing. In my humble opinion the only one I would have removed would be this line (I also may have used a contraction to make it sound more realistic, though I know it's tougher to do that when English isn't your first language.): It had been the source of many arguments, but since I'd left home years ago it no longer bothered me.
The reason why I took out the last had is because it appears you are referring to a particular time making it just a simple past tense, not a past perfect tense.
Overall, I think you did an outstanding job and I'm doing my famous Happy Dance for you!
God BLess~
Oh, and not surprised to see your name amongst the winners!! Great job my friend

God BLess~
Congratulations on ranking 14 overall! The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.