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This is fantastic work explaining a complex issue in our society. I agree completely and would use this idea to help teach my confused grandchildren.
My entry has to do with a little girl's question too. If you find it in level 3.

Such a difficult subject for little children as well as adults.

You did an amazing job dealing with the child. You handled the topic well and gave good information.

Thanks for sharing.
This is a great article that has a ton of real life teaching situations about what God intends for all couples to be man and wife (male & female).

Your insights on different topics we have each week, are some of the best I have seen. I love your humor very much!!

God Bless My Friend!!
Excellent piece of writing with a powerful message.

God bless~
We should never be afraid to explain the truth to our children. This was a great story, well written on a difficult topic for a lot of people. Very nice.
I enjoyed this story. I think the father explained his feelings to the little girl with love and Biblical references. It is hard to know what to tell kids today. We definitely don't want to instill a sense of hatred in them and it all can be quite confusing. You did a great job of writing on topic for sure.
Congratulations on ranking 9th in level 3. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.