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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Interesting story to this weeks topic. Well written in content and delivery.

God bless~
This is well written and compelling to read. Great storytelling.

This is one of my favorites this week.
More, more. Nice story.
I have to agree...more. I need to read the end of this story. This was a very compelling read and your characters were magnetic in the way they drew me into your story. You have fleshed out all three of them so well, even the one that doesn't speak.

Great job!
Great writing, great storyline and characters. In the light of what's happening around the world just now, topical, and an example of God's way of doing things. I think this will rate well with the judges.
Well paced and cleverly crafted.

My only small suggestion for improvement is that I felt some of the paragraph breaks went a little too far. For example:

Tavi looked perplexed. “You’ll be considered a traitor.”

Because it was Tavi speaking out of what perplexed him, I feel it reads better as one paragraph.

That said, this was a riveting and excellent article.
I'll throw my hat in the ring with those who also see this as a powerful intro to a bigger story. Your characters are credible and well-drawn, as is your dialogue. Great work.
Great story.

Just a bit of red ink: I had to re-read it to figure out who was talking in places. It might be clearer if you combined some of the paragraphs.

To choose love or hate. We all have that opportunity. Will I do the right thing when someone else does the wrong?

Now I want to know what happened next....
Nicely written entry and utilizing the situation in the middle east was genius.
Wow. I love this. What a gut-wrenching piece. You covered the gambit of emotions. This is an all-time favorite. You nailed the topic, it was fully immersed throughout this stunning story.
Exceptionally done! You crafted a well paced story with good dialogue and a great message. Of course the reader will be left wanting more, a conclusion. But you resolved the important inner conflict which brought the message home nicely. Good job.
Congratulations JK!

No surprise...LOL

With all of your wins I cannot understand how you're not in masters yet!

God bless~
You deserved this HC and more with this one.
Congratulations on ranking 20th overall! Happy Dance!