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I love the parallel lives existing in this piece. There's alot to think about here;life is growing and life is being resurrected. I'm a history buff, so this piece intrigues me. It would make a great excerpt from a whole journal!
I can't tell you why, but I had goosebumps from the first word to the last. I was there ... in both seasons, connected to the love that flowed, twining vine-like from heart to heart. Beautiful, beautiful story begging to continue.
I love finding parts of history and seeing it come to life today. This was a very enjoyable read!:)
Great job balancing dialog, description, and the journal entries. Very tender. I liked this a lot.
You did a great job sucking the reader in to both worlds. Fabulous!
Beautiful. I love it when you do history linked to the future. You have a gift for finding the parallels and those things which are everpresent, like love, and husbands who show love by their workmanship. Great job! Now you are where you really belong! :) Karen
Very lovely story! I really enjoyed it, and I also would like to read more of their lives. Thanks!
This is beautiful, you give us so much information in so few words. A very clever ploy combining the two time lines...and two females voices so well. Congratulations, it worked so well.
This was great!! The paralells were well done.
An entrancing entry for sure! A beautiful dance between the old and the new!
This was a heartwarming piece that left me wanting to know about about their characters and their lives. I agree that it would be great to see this expanded.
Very nicely written, and you pulled off getting the description in between the dialogue very well.
I also really enjoyed the parallels between the further back past and the not quick so far past! Well done!
Whoever said the word 'entrancing' hit the nail on the head.

It left with a cliffhanger though...

There's the two parallels and it's awesome but then it cuts off and you're like... woah!

Great fitting title as well...