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Member Comments
Hahahahahaha! I absolutely loved this and smiled all the way through. Great job.

God bless~
Wow...I think I almost just hurt myself laughing... XD
This was awesome. I can so relate to this, having a dog and cat. Loved this! Thanks for sharing x
With five dogs and four cats I can relate to all this wonderfully accurate "love story". Tremendous writing here.
Twice I had to close me eyes to stifle a troublesome gag reflex. Not that it did any good, because the story had me captivated and I returned to this source of delightful disgust immediately.

This jaunt through the oddities of pet ownership was quite true to life. I would never have thought of highlighting those certain idiosyncrasies of canine and feline behaviours, but it sure made for a fun piece. Great work.
Very funny, creative and on topic. Good, good writing.
God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 3rd in your level and 16 overall. Happy Dance!