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Hilarious!!! This is the first story I've read that made me laugh out loud. I still don't want to believe it really happened - but it sounds uncannily and bizarrely possible lol...I'm going to have to read this one over again...
10/18/14 I go!


Now, after that hilarious outburst let me throw out this no way am I laughing with glee at that poor hapless individual...thank God he survived.

However, I am laughing at the superb relaying of the entire writing, see you in the winner's circle!

Thanks for the gut wrenching belly laugh!!!

God bless~
I guess that putting this story together was on your bucket list????
It's a story I've heard from several sources, but it's always worth another look. Well done.
"...if the prompt for a Christian writing group is to write something in the humor genre and you write about someone getting hurt, the readers might feel guilty laughing at someone else’s pain (that thought hit me like a ton of bricks but I couldn’t let it go)."

Hahaha...I wouldn't either.
This is a good one!