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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Member Comments
Very nicely done! I'd love to see this illustrated--it's gorgeous.
What a neat idea. Nice flow. Lovely poem.
Good effort, an enjoyable read.
Beautiful. I loved the picture you conveyed in well-chosen words. Well done.
The few forced rhymes are very easily forgiven in this beautifully flowing piece. The second-last stanza is my favourite, but the whole thing is just wonderful!
Beautiful imagery.
Tears and a promise! Wonderful as always.
Very nicely done! Had not thought of generations in just that way. Wonderful thoughts, tying all people/realativess together from the original and true vine! I enjoyed this poem!
Very very good! It made me think of my Grandparents who were very faithful to their family-both biological and spiritual.
..."generations after them are taught by trails they leave"
BEAUTIFUL! This so fits my Grandmother who told us before she died how she had prayed for all generations to follow her. You have expressed it so well. Thank you.
Cleverly done, I could almost feel the vine twisting and creeping as I read it.
Wonderful poem! I enjoyed every word. As a new grandmother, it spoke so eloquently my own desire to leave faithvines interwoven throughout the lives of my children and my grandchildren ... as God has enterwoven His faithfulness throughout my own life. Congratulations.
I agree with the comment about how beautiful this would be illustrated. Well done!