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This particular story in the bible about Jael, Heber's wife, is memorable, and you've done a fine job with recreating and telling it in grand style.

Well done.

God bless~
What beautiful artistic expression: "The skies had begun to clear from a dull, leaden gray into a scene of peaceful beauty...acts on behalf of Israel. In truth, her heart was ready to fly away in happiness, a peculiar smile dancing over her countenance..."
Vivid rendition and good application to topic.
Great Job!
The first sentence made me think it might be referring to Deborah, a judge in Israel, but then I realized it was Jael. I do enjoy Bible stories, and this was certainly a "thriller"!
I believe this account refers to two women: Deborah who went into battle with a man and a leader in Israel - and Jael who dwelt in a tent and pounded the nail into the head of the enemy while he slept. Thanks for sharing your creative rendition.