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That was intensely sobering...and well written. The choice of words to bring this piece to life was excellent. Powerful message at the end.

God bless~
That was a very powerful piece. Thank-you for sharing it.
This is gripping and thought provoking. You've taken a creative approach to this topic. Well done.
Beautifully written and so right on with your description of the spiritual warfare we all face. Jesus is our only hope. Great job!
Incredibly powerful, and it took me a while to realise drowning in quicksand was a metaphor not the MC attempting suicide. Brilliantly written and the important, profound message comes through loud and clear.
Spiritual allegories are among my favorite stories both to read and to write, so this was very intriguing to me. The tone was definitely intense and suspenseful, too! I appreciated the victorious ending and this line in particular: "I am gratefully grasping Jesus' Hand as we walk across the now victimless quicksand, safely balancing on His sturdy cross".
Wonderfully worded as apart from Christ and then to His might and grace. Thank you.
Please note that this particular area became confused during the previewing stage - and I cannot fathom how it became so convoluted!

Thank you all for your encouragingly warm thoughts and spiritual hugs . . .

"Why did I insanely rush out the back door without giving thought to donning the full armor of God? I knew that Satan's minions are always looking for razor-sharp arrows to pierce our self-assumed armor."

Makes more sense?