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This might be unfair because I haven't read anyone else's yet but this one has got-to-be-it! Absolutely beautiful!
This is beautiful and you have captured the world of the child with autism and the world of his parents so well. You obviously speak from experience - whether your own or someone else's - and my heart aches for you. This is beautifully done and deserves to be seen. Thank you!
I agree with my co-readers above...this is beautifully written; and it seems so real that I have to believe Davey is yours. God Bless! Kudos!
Mind-bogglingly, heart-breakingly, absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for this beautiful story.
This brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful, heart-tugging story...
This brought tears to my eyes. So real and so touching. Great job.
A beautiful story full of emotion. Great writing!
What a wonderful story! I have experience with autism. My feelings have run the gamut from anger to despair to sadness. You captured the mother's emotions very well.
Powerful... I agree, heart wrenching.... full of understanding, you have indeed captured that separation but then introduced hope in such a lovely, simple way...a lesson for us all in touching another's world no matter what the separation.
You did a wonderful job! I was beginning to wonder if she would see hope and that tiny moment between them was just enough! You captured it perfectly!
What a heart wrencthing story. I used to work with autistic kids (none this severe though) and they are very special children.
Exquisitely bittersweet. You are a skillful writer who has woven a beautifully heartrending story!
Absolute perfection! A winner in my book.
It's easy to tell on this one that you made every word matter. Great job!
You are to be commended, capturing the heartsickness of a mother with a severely autistic child. Every paragraph was so well thought out.The paragraphs that moved on my heart: P. 2, 4, and 9 to the end, and especially the concluding paragraph. That last paragraph was the one that sealed it for me! Excellent!
How I missed this piece, I am not quite sure. It is a piece of heart-wrenching beauty and deserving of first place.

Congratulations on your win.
Anita, fantastic my friend. Hopeful, but realistic, the mother's love, anguish, despair and hope all conveyed to the reader so well. Congratulations! :) Karen
Anita, in reading your words I saw a clearer picture into the world my daughter, who works with autistic children, lives in ... heartbreaking in both pain and reward! I readily admit the ways of God, when reading words like yours, are hard to understand. But what I do believe, with all my heart, where we cannot not enter God dwells in all the power of His majesty. Though their ears may be silent to our words and their eyes blinded to our world, I believe they see God face-to-face and are in ceaseless conversation with the Majesty of the Universe.
God Bless you, and congratulations.
This made me want to cry! Wait, I am crying! I could never imagine my son having autism. It would break my heart in two. Thank you for a glimpse into the world of autism, you wrote this beautifully.
Excellent in every way. This is a treasure. Congratulations!
Beautiful - and a creative take on the topic as well. This piece could easily be published in a magazine that focuses on health needs, with an additional insert box about support groups etc. Just a thought.
Lovely and awesome , totally moving and really touches the heart dearly. God bless you always and congratulations.
Beautiful! Such a difficult story so lovingly conveyed...I think we all met you there in Davey's world. Congratulations!--Birdie
Wow. Gut wrenching.

Anita, you captured it.

How that must feel... a mother's grief...

Beautiful, heart-wrenching piece with a profound message - love never fails. Amazing work.
Beautifully written, but know my heart hurts, there is a lump in my throat and I can barely see throught the tears in my eyes. I love this story.