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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Your attention to detail in characterization shine through this descriptive story, and your creative writing shows promise. I think you would absolutely benefit from classes in writing to hone your talent as well. ( offers a course online). Hope you do well on this challenge entry. Keep writing.
Oh, this is so sad. Karen had to be the mother. As a child of an alcoholic, I can relate a bit.

Spot on topic and a an absolute page turner. This would make a terrific book.

Very well done, I could have read this story on and on.

Great job!
Wonderful detail here. I see this as part of a longer story where the MC eventually blossoms into a well-grounded, confidant adult. But oh, that annoying word limit!
This piece made me just want to reach inside your piece and give that poor girl a big hug. Very few pieces I have read have pulled at my emotions the way this has. That's not just because of the nature of the story, shocking as it is - it's because it has been told so well and so credibly. Great job and I hope this does well.
Excellent writing in this mlti-layered piece, that made my heart ache, as well as elevating my emotions.

Powerful and will do well with the judges for sure.

God bless~
That was full of beautifully done emotion. The style felt as though I were listening along inside the MC's mind. A wonderful way to tell a touching and poignant story.