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Wow, that is an intensely emotional read. It had me concerned for the narrator, and reading intently for the gems of insight there to gleam.
This was an engrossing story from start to finish on the emotional scale.

The author's voice sounds authentic and the message is clear.

I pray for things to turn around and that a rainbow will shine upon all of you. God is powerful, His love enduring...and possibilities endless.

Excellent writing.

God bless~
I love the way you bring out that in some cases, there is more than one person lusting after something and when those desires collide, the result is an even bigger mess. I also love the way you focus our eyes onto the solution, God and His provision. Great message, and thank you for another powerful piece.

This is a powerful account of exploitation and the pain that comes from it. I pray you will know God's wisdom and the peace that comes from redemptively releasing it into your challenge.
Oh what a predicament to be in. My first thought was, just throw her out, now. Of course that's not the Christian way and you are simply wanting to do the right thing. It certainly kept me reading and held my attention throughout. (And it gave you a unique take on the topic.)
I have a friend who takes in Native American families or their children. They eat all her food, steal her belongings, destroy her home, and curse her for not doing enough. She can't pay her bills or her mortgage most of the time. Yet she continues to love them and help them.

I don't know the answers, but I know God does. I feel for your family and will pray He shows you the right way in this situation. God bless! LaVonne