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It's a good thing I'm nowhere near my kitchen! Your descriptions talk right to my senses and I can easily see your conflict. Love your ending, too!
Oh my goodness! You do have a delightful and delicious way with words, and I love your title. This gourmet feast you set before us is enough to tip any reluctant dieter over the edge. I need to visit you and your kitchen someday. I weigh seven stone 7 lbs. Fatten me up!
Beautifully written and expressed! Excellent job.

God bless~
I loved this line: "For dessert? Peanut butter cups - there, my need for protein completely satisfied."

This is a gluttonous specialty. Great job!!!

Nothing is better than Yukon Gold potatoes and onions frying in the pan. YUM!!

I thought about calling 911 while reading your article because I was heading into a food coma.

Your article reminded me of, gratefully, days behind me. Yet, if not careful, I'd be solid subject matter next time.
This made me hungry. My favorite line, "so ecstatic that dark chocolate is now good for me." Thanks for your hard work, and for sharing!
God bless~
Congrats Judith. All my senses were tantalized.